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Heyo! This is the place where I'm probably gonna put all my drafts from now on. Yayyy!!!

Here's what I have in store:


"if you mistreat your vegetables a private investigator will come to your house with pictures of your wife cheating on you with another man.

day at the scp twine choose your own adventure thingy. dog genre

Galatea interactive fiction. worldbuilding through conversation

http://textadventures.co.uk/quest QUEST. MAKES TEXT ADVENTURES. WAH: http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/quest/topic/kwxrgxqqceq8_am3fxneyg/embedding-a-game-into-a-website this may be best


^^ try to download both of these. javascript, html…

twine saves as html. but as a file? can i upload onto the wiki and display it there?

EMBEDDING: https://romanluks.eu/blog/how-to-embed-twine-on-your-wordpress-website/


^^ but i'd probably need a html module which link is up there!!!

if push comes to shove, I can probably just. upload to itch.io and embed it.


minions: works on wiki, needs image?
twine: cleaner, might not work on wiki.

idle game maker? wanderer's library idle??? you are the world tree and want knowledge.

^^^ So what if… Options: "EAT, PET, WHA" click read "DICTIONARY, DOG BOOK, HISTORY, FANTASTY, [title of article which restarts the thing]" But can't I just do the day at the scp code? look at it. Might be easier.

smaller scale. downlaod and look at source code? look at aisle too.

Try something like aisle, where its one turn. Tons of different secret things to do in the library, all in one turn. but can I import onto wiki

http://wanderers-sandbox.wikidot.com/ellie3-3 parallels

http://wanderers-sandbox.wikidot.com/ellie3-2 every star tells a story

http://wanderers-sandbox.wikidot.com/ellie3-1 dentistry

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old wayward shit:

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The Union is an organization of anomalously skilled workers that refer to each other by their job titles, like The Orchardist or The Stocker, rather than names. They are stationed within the Woods of Sloth's Pit at the Union House (though its more of a tower than a 'house'), which reveals itself only to those who are looking for it. Much of their power stems from the Nexus itself which is harnessed within each employee's Charm— their tool. Headed largely by The Janitor, The Union's main purpose is to hande upkeep around the town, such as by stocking the shelves of an abandoned grocery store or fixing car problems. While everyone slips up sometimes, during extraneous circumstances, someone has to get fired… so never mess with Human Resources.

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