Elder Vampire
Item #: SCP-3231 Level 4/3231
Object Class: Keter Classified


The entrance to Sângelfel Caverns, Transylvania

Special Containment Procedures: Containment Facility-3231 has been constructed within Sângelfel Caverns, blocking off the only exit from the cave system to SCP-3231.

The area surrounding Sângelfel Caverns is owned by the Foundation, and a fence has been constructed around it. Two guards are to patrol the area at all times to prevent break ins or civilian entrance.

Containment Facility-3231 is to be regularly updated to have a modern design decor. Containment personnel are required to bring sentimental objects and personal effects with them to Containment Facility-3231 when beginning a term of service within it.

A rotating crew of at least four personnel are to man the containment of SCP-3231. They are to live in Containment Facility-3231 full time. At any given time, a minimum of at least one member of the containment crew is to be living in Containment Facility-3231. No member of the containment crew is to leave Containment Facility-3231 for more than a one week period, and personnel must spend at least five days within Containment Facility-3231 for each day spent outside of it.

In the case that a new agent is to be added to the containment crew, all members of the containment crew are to be sequestered within Containment Facility-3231 for a two week period. After this period, normal containment protocols apply.

Personnel assigned to SCP-3231 as containment crew are to possess at least two of the following characteristics: a natural Cognitive Resistance Value of 10, lacking hearing, strong religious beliefs, verified memetic and cognitohazardous inoculation, or thaumaturgic ability.

Interviews with SCP-3231 are to be conducted over a radio that has been given to SCP-3231 through a secure depositing mechanism installed near the back wall of Containment Facility-3231. Only one personnel is to directly communicate with SCP-3231 at any given time, with another personnel supervising the interview without audio. Personnel interviewing SCP-3231 are to abstain from comments suggesting an invitation of entry into Containment Facility-3231.

If SCP-3231 cooperates with an interview process and provides useful and new information,1 it may be fed. SCP-3231 is not to be fed under any other circumstances.

During the feeding of SCP-3231, one blood pack is to be removed from the Containment Facility-3231 freezer and placed in the depositing mechanism. Feeding is only to occur if the mechanism is working fully properly, and at no point should the lower section of Sângelfel Caverns be opened to Containment Facility-3231. These blood packs are to be prepared according to the specifications of the Division of Thaumaturgic Analysis under SCP-3231 Supplemental Document #17.

Under no circumstances is the back door of Containment Facility-3231 to be opened.

Research into religious iconography capable of triggering a seizure response in SCP-3231 is to continue. This research is to primarily focus on early human history and religion, as well as prehuman religious groups.

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