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Writing Intros Response Template


Before you get started writing, have a look at these useful writing resources:

  • Wiki Syntax is incredibly useful for figuring out a lot of the basic level CSS used in a lot of articles.
  • Style Resource has copy-paste templates and should be every writer's best friend.
  • Clinical Tone Declassified to help you nail that tone needed for a successful article.
  • Crosslinks Guide is very handy in guiding you through understanding when to and when not to crosslink.
  • Grammarly.com is a life saver for helping with spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. And it's free!
  • Help and Critique Forum - The butterflies here will make sure your draft is ready to go before posting. Always remember to get critique on your article before posting it!
  • Ideas and Brainstorming Forum - If you need help expanding upon your ideas or want to see if your ideas are article-worthy, this forum will help you. Remember: this forum isn't for full drafts, those go in the Help and Critique Forum!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or another staff member.

I hope you enjoy your time on the wiki!

Site Hub, Series 4 List

Site-## Location listed Article(s)
Site-## Location listed Article(s)
01 None SCP-4800, SCP-4820, SCP-4888
06-2 Central Germany SCP-3023
06-3 None SCP-3047, SCP-3048
13 None SCP-4876, SCP-4890
15 None SCP-3014
17 None SCP-030, SCP-4960, SCP-3005, SCP-3009
19 None SCP-4800, SCP-4816, SCP-4955, SCP-3009, SCP-3022, SCP-3027, SCP-3037
21 None SCP-4800
29 None SCP-3000
31 None SCP-3018
32 None SCP-4800
38 None SCP-3046, SCP-3050
39 None SCP-3039
41 None SCP-4993, SCP-3002
42 None SCP-4949, SCP-4950
43 None SCP-3036
49 None SCP-4998
50 None SCP-3000
54 None SCP-4856
55 None SCP-3016
56 None SCP-4969
56 Is 3030 SCP-3030
59 None SCP-4922
62 Inside of SCP-004-1 SCP-004
63 None SCP-4992
64 None SCP-4837, SCP-4899, SCP-4912
66 None SCP-013, SCP-4899
67 None SCP-4980
72 (Provisional) Yellowstone National Park SCP-4997
74 None SCP-3033
76 None SCP-4888
77 None SCP-031
80 None SCP-4812
81 None SCP-4931
82 None SCP-3002
87-Delta None SCP-4940
88 None SCP-4812, SCP-3015
89 None SCP-4989
93 None SCP-3012
95 None SCP-3043
98 None SCP-4880
103 None SCP-3028
119 (Communications) None SCP-3031
120 None SCP-3001
121 None SCP-3001
124 None SCP-3001
133 None SCP-3001
151 None SCP-3000
173 (Decommissioned) None SCP-3035
201 Toronto, Canada SCP-4990
216 Inside of 3015 SCP-3015
234 None SCP-4849, SCP-3044
316 None SCP-4906
726 None SCP-3002
919 Near 3019 SCP-3019
923 None SCP-3002
3034 (Provisional) None SCP-3034
4948 (Adjunct) Nightford, Minnesota SCP-4948
E Uzhanskyi National park SCP-3002
2C None SCP-3010
2A None SCP-3010
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