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Item #: SCP-XXXX


Confiscated photo of SCP-XXXX perched on the uppermost branch of a tree.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-XXXX is to be undertaken through the combined efforts of MTFs Gamma-13 ("Asimov's Lawbringers") and Beta-4 ("Castaways"). SCP-XXXX sightings are to be investigated, and if found to be factual, all witnesses are to be anesthetized and evidence confiscated. Containment of SCP-XXXX is currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a prototype "Altai Series Falconer Trainer" model android falcon currently located in the wilderness outside of Nexus-17 (Boring, Oregon).

SCP-XXXX is believed to have been accidentally released from its enclosure during the joint Foundation and Unusual Incident Unit raid on Anderson Robotics' headquarters in early 2024. How it managed to leave Three Portlands is currently under investigation.

SCP-XXXX was first discovered by GoI-466 (Wilson's Wildlife Solutions) who, after several failed attempts to capture the entity, requested the assistance of MTF Beta-4, "Castaways".


"It's a robotic falcon created to train falconers, but it gets loose and starts training falcons to hunt other falcons. But it's terrible at training anything because it's a prototype. So it just kinda hops around the falcons being annoying."

DARKSTUFF SAYS: Okay we need a story. Like, this is good and all, but we need to have a tweest. So, our description discusses how an Andersons' Robotics roebut gets loose from Three Portlands, a prototype made to train falconers. Alright. It's defective, so it starts training other falcons to hunt falcons. Not sure how that works? I mean, we can say that it doesn't work (seems like that's where you were going), but a cute image does not a full article make. So, we need a tweest.

Well, let's boil it back down to "robotic falcon that escapes from Three Portlands and starts flying around". What if it breaks — it's not used to trees, slams straight into some thick branch or something, breaks and falls. What if, then, some people discover it. Normal ass people. Then that ties into… fuck. I searched it up. There's this "movement", that I seriously don't know if it's satire or not, but still, a "movement" of people who claim that birds are government issued spies. There's a whole website dedicated to it. I am super unhappy that I couldn't locate it, because I don't remember the catchy name of it.

I don't know if that's what I want to go down that path, but that's an option. We just need something like that. Something that has a venue for story development. I suppose the current plan is could work, if we have the angle be many comical failed attempts at containing the damn thing. Like, what if they finally get an attempt that gets really close — like, it's gonna work, they have it in a cage or whatever, and then the group gets attacked by a bunch of real flesh and blood falcons, and now we've found out that the falcon can train things, but it mostly trains other falcons, and that's the defect. Then, maybe, the Foundation claims jurisdiction because it's a robot and not an animal.

Let's see, let's see… SCP-3465 has the jurisdiction battle plotline taken care of… ah, I do think we could make a plotline about dealing with a very problematic falcon that they don't know is a roebut, and the fact that it's an Anderson prototype could be the twist. I think that could enhance the "trying to catch it" plotline.

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