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The cack hard cinematic universe is home to a bunch of dumb stupid stuff, mostly weird crack fiction. Cack fiction, if you will. this is not a canon. This is a hub for the stupid content which exists in a universe far stupider than that of lolfoundation's.

Hidden in this collapsible are the general 'rules' which we adhere to when writing within the cack hard cinematic universe. If for whatever reason you want to write crack

crack fic? More like cack fic!

Home to shameful crack fiction which truly, bluely should not have seen the light of day!
Includes such bar-lowering classics as:


you mean to tell me someone actually wrote things other than tales in this continuity?

what the people are saying

"Fuckin' bottledick became a canon. The bar has now burrowed into the ground"
- WerylliumWeryllium

"If cack hard becomes a canon I will do a big frown. >:("
- DarkStuffDarkStuff

"Where's the reference to westrin playing pretend pirates"
- WestrinWestrin

"This is easily the worst thing I have ever read. Its obnoxious to the point of insanity. You should be ashamed of yourself."
- SecretCrowSecretCrow

"I don't like you."
- magi093magi093

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And thats all I wrote.
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