Crowes Corpsecon Collection

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Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter (Formerly Thaumiel)

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX to be allowed to find out about its status as SCP-XXXX, or any of its anomalous abilities. No physical containment procedures are ever to be applied to SCP-XXXX.

A set of potential containment procedures for SCP-XXXX are to be hypothesized. These fake containment procedures are to be communicated to SCP-XXXX under the guise of theoretical containment procedures for a separate, non-existent anomaly. No existing containment procedures may be used. Containment procedures may not be repeated. Once SCP-XXXX forgets about these containment procedures a new set of procedures is to be created and communicated. This cycle is to repeat until a more permanent solution can be reached.

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