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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Families confirmed to be affected by SCP-X are to be amnesticized and relocated as necessary. All instances of SCP-X-A are to be intercepted at their place of former residence upon their return and brought into containment.

Intercepted instances of SCP-X-A are to be held in a Keter organism containment cell, expanded as necessary to fit contained instances.

Intercepted instances of SCP-X-A are to be held in individual Keter organism containment cells separated by at least 20 meters. Under no circumstances are instances to be allowed interaction with one another in any way. Any and all interaction between instances is to be met with termination of instances involved.

Project CAPUT DOMINA is to be considered the head research team for SCP-X and treated as such.

Description: SCP-X is an anomalous event that affects █%-██% of families internationally containing at least a single male1 child between the ages of 8 and 17 years of age (henceforth referred to as SCP-X-A). At the start of the academic year, instances SCP-X-A will disappear from their place of residence, and relatives of SCP-X-A will receive a postcard in the mail with the following text:

Congratulations! Your son has been taken to Miss Caldwell’s Boarding School for Boys! We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure your child gets the education that he deserves. Your son will be returned to you after the school year ends with a new set of manners and a new look on life. No need to worry - he is safe here at Miss Caldwell’s Boarding School for Boys! See you at the end of the year!

Parents and direct relatives of SCP-X-A will lose any sense of worry related to SCP-X-A’s disappearance upon reading this postcard, as will any third parties involved at this juncture. SCP-X-A will remain missing for the rest of the academic year.

Upon reaching the end of the academic year, SCP-X-A instances will return to their original residence and show marked cognitive differences, displaying increased agreeableness and lowered expressiveness2, as well as an obsession and admiration for ‘Miss Caldwell’ herself. SCP-X-A will continue this cycle each school year until reaching the age of 18. Each consecutive year, SCP-X-A will show progressive physical degradation upon return, similar to that of premature aging and decomposition. Relatives of SCP-X-A will be seemingly oblivious to physical changes.

Upon reaching 18 years of age, instances will converge to a single location3 and participate in the following events:

  • Instances will choose a (seemingly random) member of the present group and disassemble them, remove a single part of the body4, and consume the remainder of the chosen instance.
  • Instances will dig a shallow hole approximately 2 meters in diameter with their hands and vomit a thick black substance into the hole until it is completely full.
  • The removed body part from the consumed instance will be placed in the center of the pool. Instances will form a ring around the pool and begin chanting in an unknown language.
  • During this chant, a tentacle composed of the black substance will rise from the pool and grab the body part, dragging it beneath the surface. Additional tentacles5 will then emerge and insert themselves into the mouth of the remaining instances.
  • Remaining instances will drown in the black substance, presumably by forced-feeding from the tentacles.

The entire ritual takes approximately 30 minutes. Once instances have drowned in the black substance, the internal organs, muscle, and bones will dissolve and the black substance will leak from all orifices until the instances are hollow. The pool will then dissipate.

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