Weaving the Branches of Yggdrasil
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Being Creative Commons, the ideas created by the SCP Wiki's authors are ripe for cross-pollination. It's very common for authors to write articles that build upon the works of others, sometimes even actively contributing to another author's body of work. Since there is no canon, but also many canons, this has resulted in a shared universe that at first glance can seem fairly haphazard.

This page is intended as a meta-hub to help readers sort out how different canons and series relate to one another. Everything included here overlaps with everything else, if only indirectly. Rigid continuity between all articles is not a requirement, given that the SCPverse is well established to be in a multiverse. For example, a character that appears in a Broken Masquerade or XK reality can also show up in a more baseline reality by pulling a Rick and Morty and using the Library or some other means to find a new home.

Authors do not necessarily have to portray characters exactly the same way for them to be the same either. For instance, if someone thought that my portrayal of Ruprecht Carter was too silly and wanted to portray him as more competent and threatening, that's perfectly fine, and doesn't necessarily mean they're different characters, just different interpretations of the same character.

So remember that while these works are all interoperable, they don't all depict the same reality and may offer different interpretations of events, people, and organizations. The point of this page is to encourage collaboration, not stifle creativity.

Known Branches of the World Tree

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