Deepest Toilet

This is a collab article with nyaaly / ValidClayValidClay that we made back in January, and we finally came back to it. It's pretty silly, and was really fun to write and make images for.

I made all of the images with the exception of ad-vom.jpg, which is an edited version of ad-1.jpg made by pastarasta1pastarasta1.

Thank you to the following:

  • ValidClayValidClay for being an epic collab partner
  • pastarasta1pastarasta1 for the vomit and readin'
  • all who helped us get the texture/color of the vomit down good
  • DarkStuffDarkStuff who critted and gave me some ideas
  • HenzoidHenzoid for being a beta reader
  • ProasekProasek for critting
  • Mew-ltiverseMew-ltiverse for readin'
  • all others who influenced this scp

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Item #: SCP-5992

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The hiking trail closest to SCP-5992 is to be closed under the pretense of unstable mine shafts in the area. Foundation webcrawler I/O-LACRUM is to scan the internet for SCP-5992-1 instances and remove them when necessary.

Description: SCP-5992 is a crude stone squat toilet with a drop hole of allegedly infinite depth, constructed near a hiking trail in the Elkhorn Mountains of Oregon. It is located within a three-walled brick shelter, the inside of which is lined with posters and newspaper, all heavily water-damaged.

A wooden sign reading "Welcome to the Depeest Toilet" (sic) stands nearby.

SCP-5992 possesses multiple anomalous traits, the most notable of which is a constant high-volume flow of air venting from the pit, which can reach speeds of up to 170 km/h and produce a loud howling sound noticeable from up to a kilometer away. The surrounding mountain pass reports record higher windspeeds as well, reaching more than triple than that of surrounding areas.

Personnel in the immediate vicinity report a sense of vertigo or dizziness, difficulty breathing, and an acute sensation of increased gravity that worsens with proximity to SCP-5992. These symptoms are purely psychological, and do not pose any immediate danger. Due to these symptoms and the high-volume flow of air, all previous attempts to confirm the depth of SCP-5992, whether gauged via tools or human sight, have thusfar failed.

Additionally, sudden conditions of inclement weather have been seen to draw hikers to take refuge within the structure containing SCP-5992, although whether this is an element of the anomaly or a result of natural climate patterns is uncertain. Historical disappearances of hikers in the vicinity show no evidence of being connected.

SCP-5992-1 refers to a set of digital advertisements, gifs, and images regarding SCP-5992 that are posted to the internet, primarily focusing on hiking and tourism forums that center around travel in the US. They are invariably posted by inactive or abandoned social media accounts, occasionally evading ban measures in the process.

SCP-5992-1 instances share a colorful appearance, marked by multiple sharp contrasts, flashing colors, jpeg artifacts, and a short message composed in white calibri font. Video advertisements are brief and looped, and are often accompanied by the sound of rushing wind, over a soft male voice speaking in an unidentified language.

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