Behind Walls Of Metal

Ok idea stuff: Created as an escape system of sorts, can transfer mind to any one of these scattered through the globe, forms a sort of network.

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Item #: SCP-K

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-K-1 instances are to be contained in cryogenic storage wing 3-B, located at Site-37.

News media and police reports are to be searched for SCP-K instances. Should one be identified, MTF (something stuff) is to be sent in order to recover it.

Description: SCP-K-1 refers to all cybernetic humanoids produced by SCP-K. These humanoids have roughly 83% of their body either modified or totally replaced with cybernetic implants and prosthetics. These modifications grant them heightened strength, intelligence, and apparent immortality. Their faces are covered with a latex material, which combined with the underlying machinery, allows it to alter its face dramatically. Due to this, any SCP-K instance is able to change its apparent ethnicity and age at will.

SCP-K is former female "Vanessa B. ████████," who disappeared in 1943. SCP-K, through some unknown process, is able to convert people to SCP-K-1 instances. All known victims of SCP-K to date had previously expressed interest in coin collecting, human anatomy/physiology, and slot car racing.

The conversion of this person to SCP-K-1 is done in secret and SCP-K-1 is placed back into society once this process is done. The mind of the person who was converted to SCP-K-1 will remain intact and will be unaware of any changes to their lifestyle that may occur, such as a lack of need for food or sleep.

SCP-K is able to transfer its mind and overwrite the previous personality of any SCP-K-1 instance. Once SCP-K has done this, the previous personality will be deleted, effectively killing SCP-K-1. While SCP-K is able to do this at any time it wants, it seldom chooses to, instead preferring to stay within a certain body for as long as possible, only opting to go into an SCP-K-1 instance when it is endangered.

The Foundation was first made aware of SCP-K-1's existence when one was discovered in the hospital of (town), Wyoming following its recovery by first responders. It had been found in a burned down house east of (town), Wyoming. SCP-K-1 was uninjured and was transferred to the hospital where its unique physiology was discovered by the staff. Following this discovery, the Foundation was notified and SCP-K-1 was recovered safely and the staff amnesticized.

This SCP-K-1 was unaware of its transformation and denied any changes that happened to it. Even after being shown evidence of its transformation in the form of X-rays, it still continued to deny its status as a cybernetic organism.

Approximately 5 months after this recovery, SCP-K overwrote the previous personality in order to contact the Foundation. Please see Interview Log K-1.


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