Paradise and Parasite, in Parallel, in Paradox

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Started conceptualizing this at work
It didn't leave me alone
So here we go

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: N/A (Provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is HADRON.AIC to be allowed to know of the existence of SCP-????-1, the fact that the initial creation of SCP-????-1 was successful, or the rate at which it is nearing completion. The damage sustained by HADRON.AIC following Oblivion is not to be repaired at any cost.

If SCP-????-1 is completed, HADRON.AIC is to be destroyed as soon as possible.

If HADRON.AIC becomes aware of SCP-????-1's existence before SCP-????-1 is completed, Researcher Webb is to neutralize himself as soon as possible, rendering SCP-????-1 nonfunctional and eliminating any chance of revival for both the human race and the universe itself.12

Deepwell is to remain in operation forever.

Description: SCP-???? is the actions taken by HADRON.AIC in response to an inevitable ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario. The exact nature of this event (designated Oblivion) is unknown.

Following the creation of SCP-????, the following components of SCP-????-1 were created. All designations have been created by HADRON.AIC to surmise their purpose in SCP-????-1.3

Triangle is the genetic code of every plant that existed on Earth prior to SCP-????. Triangle is currently stored within Deepwell Core 9. Following the passing of Oblivion, Triangle will be used in conjunction with Pentagon and Heptagon to create a nascent, foetal galaxy.

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