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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter/Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is deemed uncontainable in its current form. Foundation containment efforts are to be directed towards locating and apprehending anyone with contact to SCP-X-1, or skills in necromantic thaumaturgy.

Description: SCP-X is a phenomenon affecting deceased surfers and their gravesites roughly twenty-four hours after their burial. SCP-X will trigger even if the aforementioned individual has only participated in the sport once. SCP-X occurrences are only observable from with the coffin, with no external changes taking place. SCP-X occurrences will only take place if the individual(s) within the coffin are in fact deceased.

SCP-X occurrences begin with the buried individual (designated SCP-X-A) and coffin (designated SCP-X-B) vibrating at a high frequency. After between seven to nine minutes of this vibrating, the SCP-X-B will recalibrate itself to an upright position, and remain that way until SCP-X-A exits.

Once SCP-X-A exits SCP-X-B they will find themselves on one side of a channel (designated SCP-X-1) along with an indeterminate number of additional SCP-X-A instances. At this point a new individual (designated SCP-X-C) will approach the SCP-X-A, and offer to help them cross the channel. If SCP-X-A accepts SCP-X-C's assistance, then the two of them will make their way to the channel and utilize SCP-X-B as a surfboard in order to cross.

Addendum X-A: Transcript of video log from SCP-X-A instance

On XX/XX/XXXX, STF member Alister Krause was killed during an SCP-████ breach. Due to his nature as an avid surfer, a camera was fixed to his clothing in order to obtain video of an SCP-X event. Transcribed logs are below:

Log of SCP-X Event

SCP-X-1: Alister Krouse

Begin log

No changes are observed for thirty-two hours after burial. At approximately 32:48 the coffin begins vibrating, signaling the start of the SCP-X event. The vibrating continues until 32:56.

SCP-X-B opens, and Alister exits. The camera shows him to be standing on top of a hill, with a large group of SCP-X-A instances at the bottom.

Krouse: "What? Where am I? I should be dead…"

On the opposite side of the hill, SCP-X-C can be seen running up to Krouse, waving. SCP-X-C arrives on top of the hill and pauses to catch his breath before addressing Krouse.

SCP-X-C: "Hey, sorry I wasn't here right when you arrived, I got distracted fishing."

Krouse: "Uhh, no worries. Where is here, exactly?"

SCP-X-C: "How to explain this…. What's the last thing you remember?"

Krouse: "I died. Violently."

SCP-X-C: "Oh that makes things easier. Yes, you're dead, and this is the afterlife. I gotta say though, you Foundation people are really calm about the whole being dead schtick."

Krouse: "You know about the Foundation?"

SCP-X-C: "Of course, I've met loads of you guys over in the city."

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