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So this is an thing came up wiht long ago
Boat that can sail on anything blue

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is kept is a specially constructed covered dock located in Site-51. No one may board SCP-X without permission from a Level II Researcher assigned to SCP-X. Level IV permission is required to begin an SCP-X expedition.

Description: SCP-X is a heavily modified 18th-century Ship-of-the-Line. SCP-X will constantly restock itself with food and supplies so long as an individual is onboard.

SCP-X has the ability to treat anything coloured blue as being the surface of water, allowing it to sail on it. The shade of blue has so far been shown to be irrelevant, as long as the someone on board SCP-X perceives it as blue.

SCP-X is capable of changing its size. Whenever SCP-X begins sailing or is placed on a sailable surface, it will shrink until the body of "water" it has been placed on is at least the size of the Indian Ocean, relative to SCP-X.12 Despite this, it is still possible to board SCP-X, by expressing a desire to board and being accepted on board by someone who is already on SCP-X.

SCP-X-1 are islands that are created when SCP-X sails on a non-water surface. These islands range in size from about 4 to 100,000 square kilometres.3 So far 90% of flora and fauna found on these islands have been consistent with those naturally found on Earth, although many have been extinct for hundreds and thousands of years. These islands are observable from outside SCP-X, but due to their typically minute nature they are nigh unnoticeable.

SCP-X-1 will maintain the same position and basic state they were left in once SCP-X exits the surface. Time will still pass for SCP-X-1 instances, between 300-4000% faster than normal. If objects are left within the surface when SCP-X exits then all SCP-X-1 instances will remain visible.

Addendum X-A: Transcribed Logs found on SCP-X

The following logs were found within the captains quarters of SCP-X during its recovery. They are believed to belong to the previous owner of SCP-X. All information refers to the said individual as "Captain Whitebeard." The majority of the records were beyond recovery, with only a single journal being legible. The journal is transcribed as follows.

Day 47

We set sail from Southern Fultarus today, earlier than expected. The kingdom's military had caught up to us sooner than expected, so we were forced to flee. We still have more than 40% of the leftover goods, we'll have to sell them on the next island. We left a couple of false trails and destroyed one of the military's boats so they should be delayed for a while. I wish for the best of luck in the coming days, a storm seems to be brewing.

Day 48

I was right. We ran into a Cloudstorm today. We were forced to toss most of the leftover cargo in order to make it through, but no lives were lost. We're in the eye currently, waiting for the rest of the storm to dissipate. It's so clear here, we can see all the way to the ground. I forgot how beautiful it could be down there, but I don't regret my choice to set sail up here. Hopefully we'll reach Cebelblus within the next couple days.

Day 52

When the storm ended we found we were off track, it took us an extra day to reach Cebelblus. We're coming up under the island now, where the secret dock is. There don't seem to be any military ships here, but one can never be too careful. I can see Brownbeard's ship there, he must have arrived yesterday. Redbeard doesn't seem to be here yet, I hope he doesn't intend to make us wait.

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