Archiving Pruning List

Problems with Archiving: allows for downvote pile, keeps bad works around that are not necessary, some pages were only preserved because three staff were like "hey i like this", says see discussion for reason and there is never any

The following is my proposal:

Protections against deletion for pages that have been Archived for reasons of Staff Purview are to be removed. Such pages will be subject to standard deletion rules (-10 or more downvotes, 3 staff votes). Pages archived for Referential Integrity shall keep their stays of deletion.

I have prepared a categorized list of all pages tagged with Archived, as well as whether or not they would be deleted under my proposal.

This requires the following points of discussion:

  1. Fundamentally, is protection against deletion something that -ARC works should have?
  2. If the above is decided as yes, should works that were only -ARCed because of staff fiat keep said protections?
  3. Should pages which were incorrectly Archived for historical value be allowed to keep their status, or should they lose the status, as their position was falsely given?
  4. Should in-rewrite act as a stay of deletion for -ARC pages or should such pages be treated similarly to new works that fall below -10 and receive a rewrite request?
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