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Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: SCP-5000 is the designation given to a series of events affecting the northern region of Finland. Areas affected SCP-5000 can be identified by the inability of electronics present during the event to produce light and heat. All creatures within the affected area are deceased with the cause of death being linked to hypothermia. Thermal scans of areas recently affected by SCP-5000 show that the epicenter typically reaches approximately 367° Kelvin.

parawatch post people eating their sun

Rex_alces {FIND OUT WHEN POLAR NIGHT OCCURS}(Sat) 03:19:19 #8737463


A picture of my home town.

I was raised in Svalbard, a place where what's known as "polar night" occurs(just think a very long night). Because of this rare phenominon we would make up tales and stories as to why it occurs, but one always stood out to me growing up, and now as an adult I can't get it out of my head.

The tale always started out with a description of an underground utopia and how our creator made those people as a sort of "test run" for humanity. He made them homes within the cavern's walls and crafted their minds to be kind and altruistic. Though after placing them in their new home he realized that they needed a light to guide them, so he created a small sun and placed it at the center of the cave. From there he told the people that, during the day their sun would shine brightly and illuminate every part of the cavern that he had created and during the night it would let off a soft glow so that one would never see the terrors of the dark. At that, he let them be.

Over time the people grew both strength and numbers and the cavern could no longer hold them all. They called out for their creator, but he did not return. So from the cave, they carved tunnels and more homes, though they fell into darkness during the night, and would have barely a sliver of light during the day. So they gathered around and came up with what they thought was the perfect plan; They would tear apart their sun. Everyone was overjoyed but some were wary and warned the chieftain of the troubles that could arise. Though he ignored them and moved on with his plans.

Over time the broken-off chunks of the sun grew dim, and the people of the tunnels demanded more, and the chief, in turn, gave them more of the sun. Soon the sun faded in brightness, and during the night their cavern was plunged into darkness. Now the people begged the chief to stop stealing from the sun, and he did, though the people of the tunnels did not.

After a month of the tunnel's stealing the chieftain called a meeting where he showed off what remained of their sun. It was but a mere morsel that he could hold within his hand. He showed it to the crowd before telling the people of the cavern to run, that the creator had built a new world for them, and he told the people of the tunnels to say, for the creator had great plans for them. After the last of the cavern people left, the place was plunged into darkness and a great cry arose from the caves. The screams of those who had fled to the tunnels were soon drowned out by the sounds the beasts roar.

The beast needed to steal their heat to live, much like they did to the sun. The creator knew the strength of this beast and told the people that, while the night was cold and long, it would help provide them shelter if the beast were to ever escape.

Though we aren't here for the fairy tales that made me cry as a child, we're here for why I finally decided to make this post. Well, Several weeks ago I decided to come back home to my village. I hung out with friends, had a few drinks, and discovered a cavern on the outskirts of town.

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