9Volt/Varaxous Proposal

Title: CODE NAME: 9Volt/Varaxous - Antithesis

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This file has been memetically compromised. It is not safe to view.You have proper clearance.

Only Memetics Division and Existential Anomalies Department personnel with proper training have permission to view this file. Any unauthorized personnel that view the document below will be amnesticized and demoted.

DO NOT PROCEED FURTHERthe truth awaits you


Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: [REDACTED]

Special Containment Procedures: All important information on SCP-001 is to be stored within an ENKIDU Conceptually Secure Document, with access restricted to Team Ea personnel. This information must never exist in audiovisual, written, digital, or less secure memetic forms. The Tychaíos-V3 Antimemetic Agent is to mask this file in Foundation databases. If you are currently reading this text, then you have either been granted access to this file or an error has occurred with the agent. A secondary Axéchastos-V2 Antimemetic Agent is active to prevent unauthorized personnel from initial viewing of the ENKIDU CSD.


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