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SCP-3XXX in service.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3XXX cannot currently be physically contained, and as its anomalous properties are not outwardly visible, SCP-3XXX will be allowed to continue to operate publicly. Amnestics are to be administered in the event that any civilians notice anomalous phenomenon. The Site-201 Containment Oversight Team is to remain in continued contact with the Toronto Transit Commission to ensure that other streetcars do not interrupt SCP-3XXX's operation.

Monitoring equipment has been installed into SCP-3XXX, and once a month a containment researcher will interview SCP-3XXX-A. Cover stories regarding an anonymous philanthropist are being disseminated to explain the appearances of money obtained by SCP-3XXX. If any significant abnormal behavior is displayed, Mobile Task Force Upsilon-20 ("Hogtown Garrison")1 will be dispatched for containment.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a Flexity Outlook streetcar operated by a Type I Tartarean Entity (SCP-3XXX-A), currently serving on the Spadina streetcar line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The vehicle's exterior and interior cabins are normal in make, though various deviations from standard Flexity streetcars exist. This includes:

  • Structures composed of human bone tissue replacing mechanical structures and other . These are not normally noticeable, as they are covered in the thin layers of plastic and metal found in standard Flexity Outlook streetcars.
  • Alchemical symbols carved into the insides of various devices.
  • A machine constructed from sulfur compounds, which continually pumps human blood through the vehicle to generate electricity. SCP-3XXX does not need to be connected to an overhead wire to stay powered.
  • A small wormhole that manifests in the fare vending machine, transporting 10% of deposited physical money to homeless persons and charity groups within the city limits every 12 hours.

SCP-3XXX-A is capable of changing their appearance, typical assuming the appearance of a different Toronto streetcar operator each day. Researchers have witnessed SCP-3XXX-A changing to non-human shapes at times when no passengers are on SCP-3XXX. This is not visible from outside of the streetcar, where SCP-3XXX-A is seen as momentarily vanishing until regaining a human form. Refer to Interview 3XXX-A/3 for further information.

A plaque with the following text is on the underside of SCP-3XXX:

Aiding the denizens of above with the best of below.
Est. 1950

Investigation into the group is ongoing.

Addendum.1: Discovery

SCP-3XXX was discovered on 29/08/2010, when the Toronto Police Service received multiple phone calls describing a streetcar appearing in a flash of red light. MTF Upsilon-20 was sent and quickly contained SCP-3XXX, storing SCP-3XXX-A in an anti-thaumaturgy chamber. After all witnessing subjects were amnesticized the vehicle was transported to Site-201.

At 2:00 a.m. SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-A were surrounded by a red mist, which vanished along with the anomalies after several minutes. SCP-3XXX was then observed ejecting out of Lake Ontario by MTF Nu-3 ("Limnophobia"), reaching a height of 570m before accelerating into the city. Personnel observed it operating as a normal streetcar the subsequent day. Current containment procedures were developed after this event.

SCP-3XXX-A is presumed to have been first encountered three years prior in EE-5092. On 05/04/2007, bystanders in the St. George station of the Toronto subway reportedly saw a series of flashing lights at the end of a subway tunnel. A minute after a train exited the tunnel, moving at high velocities and subsequently derailing in a crash that killed five civilians. First responders investigating the crash discovered numerous dismembered cadavers with body malformations and machines of unknown purpose on the train,2 as well as space-time anomalies and train cars entirely filled with blood.3

Several minutes after the crash multiple people witnessed a male subject staggering away from the train, with a long sword penetrating their chest. When medical personnel arrived the subject was surrounded in a red mist similar to the one that encompassed SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-A, with the subject vanishing soon after. Refer to File EE-5092 for further information.

Addendum.2: Incident 3XXX/AN/01

On 05/04/2011 at 10:12 p.m., a Type I Tartarean Entity (hereafter SCP-3XXX-B) in the guise of a civilian boarded SCP-3XXX. Researcher Annabel Xiulan, who had boarded the streetcar at this time for a routine interview session with SCP-3XXX-A, observed SCP-3XXX-B approach the streetcar's cabin, convert their jaw into a set of muscular hydrostats, and tear open the cabin entrance. The hydrostats then dragged SCP-3XXX-A out and pinned them onto the floor.

Below is footage from Researcher Xiulan's standard issue body camera.

The anomaly returned to service on 10/04/2011. SCP-3XXX-A was noted to be wearing bandages and and an arm cast for a week after, signed with messages of well-wishing from Tartarean entities known to be associated with the Toronto Demon Council. Since then, monitoring devices placed inside of SCP-3XXX's fare vending machine have observed that, instead of 10% of all deposited money being transported to homeless persons and charity groups, the figure has risen to 90%.

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