SCP-4731: Selenocentric
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Item №: SCP-4731

Anomaly Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4731 is in usage by Lunar Area-32 as a backup to preexisting lunar monitoring arrays. High-res cameras in Cavern 4731 are arranged radially around the anomaly, continually streaming footage to servers at Area-32 and Lunar Area-13. Artificial intelligence constructs are to cross-reference these feeds with those from satellites to ensure proper alignment.

Any footage inconsistencies are to be investigated immediately. If health complications with SCP-4731 are determined to be the cause, its feeds will be ignored until researchers find that it is aligning with main feeds again. Biological material produced from the aforementioned health complications is to be retrieved via robotic means for analysis.

Under no circumstances are researchers permitted to enter SCP-4731-A's area of effect. Attempts to modify or dismantle the equipment will be met with removal from Research Team 4731 and demotion.

Description: SCP-4731 is a miniature biological replica of the Moon. The organism is 4.38m in radius, possessing an amorphous anatomy and a surface which acts as a real-time feed of the lunar surface. Terrain features, human activity, and events within a range of 100km from the lunar surface are displayed with high levels of detail.1

Cavern 4731 designates the subterranean chamber SCP-4731 was discovered in,2 which is outfitted with highly advanced technology and equipment. Panels of dials enable the manipulation of SCP-4731, rotating it or reconfiguring its mass to zoom in on specific surface and orbital regions.3 Located nearby are vats of acidic fluids, connected to Chamber 4731 by pipe networks that activate in the event SCP-4731-A instances (see below) are rendered inoperable. Plasma weapons systems are present but non-functional.

Additionally present within the chamber is SCP-4731-A, a set of four pylons containing beryllium bronze circuitry surrounding SCP-4731. The pylons generate an ambient psionic field, encompassing the organism and inducing severe pain responses in sentient subjects that enter it. These are also believed to inhibit motor control functions, as subjects inside experience complete paralysis until removal.

SCP-4731 has not been observed to require any form of sustenance. However, since the anomaly's discovery it has experienced numerous health complications, periodically damaging its surface, structure, and event rendering. Healing processes in past situations have lasted upwards of two months, during which the viewing of the Moon is highly unreliable. As such the anomaly cannot serve as a primary means of lunar surveillance.

The age, origin, and purpose of SCP-4731 is undetermined. Refer to Addendum.4731.2.

Addendum.4731.1: Current Organism Health Status

Research Team 4731

SCP-4731 Health Report for June 2019



Open Foundation Medical Database to continue reading.

Addendum.4731.2: Cavern Inscription — Translated

Excavations around Cavern 4731 uncovered a metal plaque positioned near one of its entrances, formerly covered by a cave-in of lunar rock. The plaque bears inscriptions in an Ortothan Extraterrestrial Language dialect.4 Due the language's anomalous consistency across its forms, referencing with human variants and known alien ones enabled approximate translation.

From the Holy Defense Legion

At command of our [Combined symbols: Half Deity?]5

Sealed: [Unknown — a name or designation?]

Failure: Listening to the not-god. Using not-god for (practicing, wielding) flesh. Treason to the Fourth World6 and the Koru-teusa.

Retribution: Reconfiguration into [Combined symbols: cosmic eye?]. Imprisonment eternal.

Forever live the Koru-teusa.

Forever live the Half Deity.

Forever live the Fourth World.

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