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Title: SCP-4XXX — Gods Were Here

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Messier 74 prior to the events of SCP-4XXX.

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Anomaly Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Public and Foundation Astronomy Department data on Messier 74 will be routinely analyzed for signs of anomalous events. Such events include but are not limited to: potential faster-than-light movement, sudden changes in galactic structure, and the rapid manifestation of interstellar-scale megastructures.

Following reclassification, Messier 74 has been registered as a low priority astronomical object. Standard disinformation protocols have been performed to modify public knowledge on SCP-4XXX. Due to the distance between the galaxy and the solar system, no events from Messier 74 are expected to ever pose a threat to humanity.

Description: SCP-4XXX is a set of anomalous phenomena that occurred within and around the galaxy Messier 74, located 30 ± 6 million light-years from the solar system, likely due to the actions of extraterrestrial civilizations and entities. The events were first reported to the Foundation by AIC units analyzing data from orbital astronomical interferometers, and afterwards became the subject of analysis by the Astronomy Department from 2028 to 2039. The last SCP-4XXX event was observed on 12/01/2039.

Interaction with Messier 74 is impossible. Existing Foundation faster-than-light engines1 are too limited for use; the farthest distance from the solar system achieved to date has been 50 light-years after a period of 10 years, rendering intergalactic travel in reasonable time frames infeasible. It is also likely that, in the 30 million year time span light from the galaxy took to reach the solar system, any remnants of SCP-4XXX phenomena may no longer exist, which could make an expedition pointless. The inherent limitations of telescopic and interferometer technology also prevent the viewing of the galaxy in resolutions significantly higher than those which are currently available, which could otherwise provide more useful information.

Due to this, limited knowledge is possessed on Messier 74's population. The details of SCP-4XXX suggest that the inhabitants were technologically advanced to a level greatly surpassing that of humanity and all known civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy. No EM radiation (such as radiowaves or X-rays), tachyon, astral, or memetic signals have been detected from the galaxy. Extraterrestrial entities of known extragalactic origin have been unable to provide any useful information.

[diagram of regions within Messier 74]

Addendum: SCP-4XXX Event Timeline

Below is a list of all major SCP-4XXX events recorded by the Foundation.

As to better visualize SCP-4XXX, the following regions of Messier 74 have been defined as such:

  • Arm 1: The first spiral arm of the galaxy.
  • Arm 2: The second spiral arm of the galaxy.
  • Core: The center of the galaxy.
  • Boundary Regions 1 and 2: The areas of space between Arm 1 and Arm 2.

Cardinal directions, based on the solar standard celestial coordinate system, will be used when needed (i.e., north refers to the direction of celestial north, relative to the sun).


XX/XX — A highly luminous ring-shaped object, with an interior radius of approximately 5,000 light-years, is observed surrounding a section inside Arm 1. Object classified SCP-4XXX-α.

Analysis of the electromagnetic spectra of SCP-4XXX-α finds it to not match any known form of matter, suggesting it to be an undiscovered type of exotic matter. Further research is in progress.


XX/XX — Various patches of stars in Arm 1 and Arm 2 dim in visible light spectra over the course of the next week, corresponding to sharp increases in mid-infrared spectra output in these regions. The possibility of a network of dyson swarms being constructed around the stars in question, blocking visible light while reradiating infrared radiation, is under consideration.



01/11 — An ultraluminous X-ray source (ULX) exits Arm 2 at a speed of 2,000c, moving in larger intervals than observed projectiles into southern extragalactic space. Hypotheses that the ULX is intentionally leaving the galaxy to avoid the current conflict are under consideration.

02/11 — The ULX vanishes. It is likely that the object had begun to move in the opposite direction of the solar system, bringing it to regions of space where its light will not reach humanity for another thousand or more years.

XX/XX — Continued observation has confirmed that the width of SCP-4XXX-α has been expanding since first observation. This had led to the theory that the anomaly is a megastructure that will be observed fully manifesting in the near future.

Assuming the object had been instantaneously created, photons from the portions of it nearest to us will arrive ahead of those emitted by the galaxy at the time of the object's creation. This generates the illusion of the structure existing prior to its formation, with the "expansion" being the result of additional photons from portions closer to the galaxy arriving over time. Light from the edges of the structure and the light from the time of creation will arrive simultaneously.

Based on current expansion rates, it is predicted the Foundation will witness SCP-4XXX-α come into existence in 2038.


XX/XX — A circular section of Arm 2 apportates to a position 5,000 ly from the northernmost end of Arm 1 and fires a volley of projectiles, producing a high number of supernovae in the target area. All stars comprising the section enter FTL transit shortly after, acting as additional projectiles and causing further supernovae.

XX/XX — Fractal patterns of X-rays and gamma-rays, potentially types of interstellar-scale thaumic sigils, form within the space surrounded by SCP-4XXX-α and grow increasingly complex. Intense bursts of Double-Sharp Black Aspect Radiation2 are detected from the region of space Messier 74 lies in.

XX/XX — The fractal patterns triple in luminosity and SCP-4XXX-α reaches its maximum width, corresponding to the moment at which the structure was created. The fractals vanish. [stuff about attacks]

XX/XX — The three projectiles that were redirected into intergalactic space on XX/XX seem to collide and destroy themselves against the side of an invisible object, located 90,000 light-years right of Messier 74. The nature of this object, if it does exist, is unclear.


04/01 — Observed EM spectra from both arms of the galaxy exhibit abnormal wavelengths, similar to those produced when light passes through high quantities of ectoplasm3.

09/01 — Two thirds of all presumed stars within Messier 74 vanish. SCP-4XXX-α ceases activity.

12/01 — Core vanishes. With the galaxy's central relativistic mass missing, the primary gravitational forces holding the galaxy together will be lost as the lack of this force propagates at the speed of light, a process which will last 95,000 years4.

Messier 74 is expected to either reform into a new galaxy or dissipate over the course of the next billion years.

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