A Star Shines In All Of Us
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Item #: SCP-5000 Level 5/5000
Object Class: Azathoth Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Hypothetical full, non-invasive containment of SCP-5000 would require potent reiolytic1 technology, which has not yet been adequately developed. Last-resort targeted amnestics are being developed — further information is classified to personnel with ENNUI-Class clearance.

Semantic satiation of SCP-5000 adjacent thoughtforms causes its expansion to abate, but only by an amount proportional to the number of persons being affected. Currently, 0.75% of the human population would have to be affected simultaneously for any substantial psychoprotective effect, granting one quality-adjusted life year. However, even global coverage would only grant humanity an additional 133 years of quality thought.


Fig 1.1: Dead thought (black) affecting the Noosphere, eroding essential elements.

Description: SCP-5000 is the designation given to expanding zone of dead thought in the Noosphere.2

When affected by SCP-5000, thoughtforms are permanently removed from the Noosphere, so that no human being will be capable of comprehending that thought from that point onwards. Pan-anaplasticity of thought is projected to occur by January 2016, with major impact on cognition occurring well before this date.

Discovery: Initially proposed by Dr Sheldrake in his seminal paper Sheldrake et al. (1966), the idea of an antimemetic agent that could spread onto semantically-related subjects was devised, but only thought to exist hypothetically. When describing the features of such an antimeme, Sheldrake used the analogy:

"[A] cancer of thought; [it takes] the beautiful structure of the mind and perverts it, leaving nothing in its wake but death — its only directive to spread."

Over a decade of research later, the first psychographic technology was invented. Utilizing existing anomalies, the AKASHIC Nooscope was developed, allowing the controlled traversal and mapping of Noospheric space — another decade later, an entire map of the Noosphere was developed. The Noosphere was only 90% of its projected size, with large empty zones throughout. Subsequent remapping of these areas showed that the empty zones were growing in size.

As of January 18, 1989, these zones have been designated SCP-5000.

Addendum A:

Date SCP-5000 Adjacent Thoughtforms
1989/01/18 Impellentism1
1989/01/20 Loert2
1989/01/20 Drestum-Alli-Fortus3
2000/08/05 Darkness; Solitude; Silence; Cold; Fear; Storm
2000/09/01 Light; Illumintaion; Fire; Sunlight/Moonlight; Stars
2000/10/17 Freedom; Skies; Flight; Hope
2000/11/10 Battle; Glory; Sacrifice; Pain
2000/11/18 Eternity; Endlessness; Falling; Great distance
2000/11/19 Understanding; Dreams; Humanity; Self

[[include :scp-int:component:coltop show= ► UPDATE 2000/11/20 ◄ |hide= ▼ UPDATE 2000/11/20 ▼]]

With regards to recent developments, SCP-5000 has been redesignated from Apollyon to Azathoth3 — see attached SCP-8863 documentation for reference.


Fig 1.2: SCP-8863 protecting thoughtforms against SCP-5000.

Item #: SCP-8863

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8863 must not be contained. The function of SCP-8863 must be facilitated to the full extent of the Foundation.

Description: SCP-8863 is an extradimensional, non-human thoughtform that has entered human thoughtspace through unknown means. The thoughts encoded by SCP-8863 cannot be comprehended by human beings, however, despite this incompatibility, SCP-8863 can protect human thoughts from antimemetic agents, chiefly SCP-5000 through constant stimulation of adjacent thoughtforms.

SCP-8863 seems to be directly targeting thoughtforms essential for human cognition, supposedly to protect against the progression of SCP-5000 into these areas. Additionally, two humanoid creatures have been identified supporting SCP-8863, though contact with these entities (henceforth SCP-8863-A) has not been established to date.

SCP-8863-A instances have displayed a number of anomalous properties, including:

  • Ability to survive in the Noosphere without protective equipment.
  • Capability to transverse between Noospheric space and Baseline reality at will.
  • Speed, strength, and durability far beyond human maxima.

Audio Transcript — Project Director Meeting

Present: Director Hill, Researcher Theart

<Begin Log>

Hill: Researcher Theart, you're going to have to explain yourself here. We've shown you a great deal of leniency due to the nature of your work but… enough is enough. We're pulling back funding for your project for the time being. Unless you can provide me proof of your theor—

Theart: I swear we're this close to a breakthrough here. We just need mor—

Hill: How much more Theart? Just tell me exactly how much more. I've personally given you well over 1000% of your project's budget, and that's being generous. We both know damn well 8863-A's blowing through our equipment as fast as we're giving it to them.

Theart: You don't think it's important to learn what they're capable of?

Hill: I know they're capable of breaking our instruments. Thousands of dollars worth, every day, Theart.

Theart: Look, Mr. Hill, you haven't seen these guys like I have. I've seen what these guys can do with just the barebones equipment — not meant for any serious professional — and it's inhuman. They're just too damn fast, too damn powerful for it. There's something special in them, I know it — but unless we can give them something where they don't have to hold back…

Hill: [Silence]

Theart: We can stop SCP-5000. I know it. But we can't turn our back on them. Without 8863-A, project "Dragon's Heart" will fail. No question about it.

Hill: You're killing me here, Theart. Just look at your request form: "Prototype Psychonaut Suit times seven, $63,000; Experimental Thoughtshift Drive, $1.2 million; Memetic Anchor times one-hundred, $70,000" and that's not even counting all those instruments you broke limit-testing them. This damn list goes on for days.

Theart: What do you want me to say? That I should put on the brakes while our very thoughts are being dissolved as I'm standing here, arguing with you? That I should stop trying to give these guys the thing they need — the thing we need. I've gotten close to them, Hill, and these guys will guarantee the success of Dragon's Heart — hell, in my design, they'll be center stage. If you give me the instruments I need, they'll give you what you need.

Hill: What, exactly, will they be giving me?

Theart: Extreme power metal.

<End Log>

[[include :scp-int:component:coltop show= ► OPERATION: DRAGON'S HEART ◄ |hide= ▼ OPERATION: DRAGONHEART ▼]]



Operation cannot begin with the procurement of materials to safely travel into Noospheric space without encountering aberrant memes, which would normally begin to gradually deteriorate a person's mind. Such materials are being prototyped by the Memetic Department and have been granted Level 4 Priority.

A list of required materials is provided below:

▪ Prototype Psychonaut Suit (x7) — Protection from aberrant memes.
▪ Experimental Thoughtshift Drive (x1) — Entering and leaving the Noosphere.
▪ Memetic Anchor (x100) — Grounding personnel to nearby thought structures.
▪ DreamCatcher Tether (x7) — Safety to personnel in event of anchor failure.
▪ Manned Maneuvering Module (x2) — Allows 3D movement without tethering.
▪ NooScrubber (x1)— Reduces impact of human interference in the Noosphere

Once the materials have been aquired, OPERATION: DRAGONHEART may begin.


Fig 1.3: SCP-8863-A-2 limit-testing an instrument to mitigate SCP-5000.

1. DEFINITION — REIOLYSIS: The abstraction of a reified concept; Loss of meaning where there once was.
2. DEFINITION — NOOSPHERE: The sphere of human thought, containing all thoughts that humans are capable of having.
3. Object Class: Azathoth — An anomaly that cannot be fully contained, but is being partially contained, having its progression slowed, or is otherwise being diminished by another anomaly.


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